Help Needed! The Growing Field of Healthcare Administration

Healthcare: the recession-proof industry. Whether the economy is booming or not, people are still going to get sick and there will always be a need for healthcare workers. If job security is something you are looking for, a career in healthcare makes perfect sense. However, if blood and needles aren't your thing, you may want to skip nursing or med school and consider the field of Healthcare Administration. 

Healthcare administration is the business behind the care. Health administrators are the ones who keep facilities up and running behind the scenes so that you can get the care you need. Healthcare administrators work anywhere you would find healthcare providers, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical practices, and outpatient centers. But employment possibilities don't stop at medical facilities. Healthcare administrators are also needed in places that don't actually provide health care, such as insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies and departments. Administrators handle everything from marketing and financial operations to preparing facilities for quality and accreditation visits. 

Just as the demand for healthcare providers is on the rise, so is the demand for healthcare administrators. One of the main drivers of this increase in demand is the aging baby boomer generation. Roughly 75 million Americans are currently considered baby boomers--those born between 1946 and 1964. It is estimated that about 3 million baby boomers will retire each year for the next 20 years. As this generation continues to age, they are flooding the healthcare market. At the same time, medical professionals who are baby boomers are retiring in large numbers, leaving vacancies in the field. This scenario places increased pressure on an already stressed industry. In today’s political climate, the business and policies in healthcare are ever-changing. This, combined with the looming influx of the baby boomers means the need for educated healthcare administrators is higher than ever. As an administrator, it is important to keep up with the politics and changes in the industry to ensure that your facility is in adherence. 

Job satisfaction for healthcare administrators is typically high, and retention rates are good. Those in the field feel that they have a purpose and are able to give back to the community indirectly through the medical field. The average salary for health administrators in the US is $66,935, but of course, can vary by the size of the facility. Nevertheless, if you have a desire to help others but are not keen on working directly in the medical field, a career in healthcare administration may be the field for you. 

A degree focusing on healthcare administration is a great place to start if you are interested in entering this field. In the webinar 
below, Lisa Ann Hunt, a professor at Dalton State College and online eMajor instructor, talks more about the growing field of healthcare administration and the corresponding concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Administration degree. More information on this program is available at