Three Reasons to Pursue a Degree in FinTech

When was the last time you paid for something using a check? Do you even own a checkbook? Do you carry and pay for things in cash? If you’re like me, the answers to these questions are... I don’t remember, no, and very rarely. 

Today’s economy is driven by electronic payments, and there is a huge industry supporting those systems that is only going to get bigger - FinTech. FinTech, short for Financial Technology, encompasses all of the technical support systems that move your money from one place to another every time you swipe that debit card, make a purchase on your phone, or even use an app to send money to your friend. It’s an industry that is in high demand, and an exciting one to get in on if you are looking for a career change. Possible positions in FinTech include Application Developer, Web Developer, Analyst, and even Cybersecurity and Information Security roles. 

Here are three of the top reasons you should consider a career in FinTech, especially if you’re here in Georgia. 

  1. FinTech is HUGE in Georgia! According to the American Transaction Processing Coalition (ATPC), 70% of all U.S. payments are processed through Georgia. Atlanta is home to several Fortune 500 Payment Processing companies, such as First Data and NCR, as well as an abundance of smaller start-ups. Some of the top FinTech employers in Atlanta include ADP, Inc., LexisNexis, TSYS, and WorldPay, just to name a few. With such a plethora of employers in the state, there is a high demand for skilled and qualified employees in this sector.

  2. FinTech companies in Atlanta are actively looking for employees. The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce recently supported the formation of the FinTech Atlanta Task Force, which is a coalition of companies and other organizations working to cement Atlanta as the recognized global capital of financial technology. The group’s priorities are to fund and fuel efforts to RECRUIT, RETAIN and EXPAND businesses and jobs across the FinTech ecosystem in metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia. You read that right - there is a whole group of FinTech companies in Atlanta specifically tasked with recruiting and retaining qualified people into their organizations.

  3. The demand for employees in FinTech is expected to skyrocket. The FinTech Atlanta Taskforce has estimated a need for roughly 10,000 new employees over the next three years (2016-2019). As the state works to attract even more FinTech companies to Atlanta and the companies that are currently here continue to expand, the need for skilled employees is only going to grow. This is an industry that isn’t going anywhere and is sure to provide stable opportunities for employment in Atlanta for years to come.
There you have it!  A booming and rapidly growing industry with a global footprint right here in Atlanta that is actively looking for employees. And even greater news? There are some great fast-track online options in Georgia to help you become qualified for these positions. Through USG eMajor, Middle Georgia State University offers two online options to expedite your path to a career in FinTech: a 60-Credit Hour Associate of Science in Financial Technology or a Certificate in Financial Technology consisting of just 5 courses (15 Credit Hours). The Certificate option is especially appealing to those that already hold an AS, BS or graduate degree in a related field (such as IT or Finance) and need to add a specialization to their resume. 

For more information on these programs, visit, or contact Dr. Kevin Floyd in the School of Information Technology at MGA at or 478-471-2801.