Meet Jeanette: Student, Wife, and Future Defense Attorney

Jeanette Cox, 35
Dalton State College
BS in Criminal Justice
Expected Graduation: December, 2016

What is your occupation?
I am currently a full-time college student and housewife!

What class(es) are you currently taking with eCore/eMajor? 
I just finished a Corrections class this semester and am finishing up Criminal Law.

Why is completing your degree important to you?
I want to go on to law school. I already had an Associate’s Degree and I needed to finish up with the Bachelor’s so I could go on.

Why did you choose to take online classes through eCore/eMajor?
I began my entire first semester back to college with eCore. They offered all of the pre-requisite classes that I needed and it meant I would not have to drive 45 minutes to my college. They always have the classes that I need and I can take them on here when the times offered on campus do not match up with my availability! 

How would you describe the instructors you've had in your eCore classes?
My instructors have always communicated very well with me. I always know what is expected, assignment deadlines, and they are also always available to help with any questions that I have. 

What has been the best thing about taking online classes?
Online classes allow me to work on the material when it is convenient for me to do it. I do not have to drive and waste time and it has actually allowed me to be able to take more classes at one time because of the time it has saved me from driving back and forth.

When you're not doing school work, what are you doing? 
I have lots to do when I am not doing school work! I enjoy hunting and fishing. I also teach a children’s Sunday school class with my husband. We teach Children’s Church, as well. 

What would you say to someone who is considering taking their first online class through eCore or eMajor?
I say they should do it! I have learned so much from my eCore and eMajor classes. They have helped me with other classes that I have taken on campus. If you have the time to spend and invest in your education, I highly recommend these programs. I do not think I would be graduating at the end of this semester had these classes not been available to me online!