60 Seconds with Corrine Sweet, eMajor Instructor, Traveler, and Superhero Movie Lover

Corrine Sweet is an Associate Professor of Business at Darton State College and an online instructor in the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree through eMajor. 

Where did you complete your degree(s)?
Ed.S. in Instructional Technology from Valdosta State,
MBA in Information Technology from University of Central Missouri

What is your field of expertise and what drew you to it? Business and technology.  I was first introduced to technology in elementary school when my class would get to go to the computer lab and use the Apple II’s and it has fascinated me ever since.

How long have you taught online classes?
About 10 years

Why did you choose to become a college instructor? I wanted to teach others about technology and prefer working with adults.

What do you like most about teaching online? The variety of people I get to interact with.

What was your most challenging subject in school, and how did you get through it?I’m currently taking a class in quantitative statistics toward my Doctorate, and it is definitely giving me a challenge!  My best advice is to make sure you take enough time for studying and doing the assignments and don’t be afraid to search out additional resources to help you learn.

What do you like to do in your free time?My favorite hobby is traveling, and I try to get “out of town” and wander during any free time between semesters. When I only have a little free time I enjoy reading and watching TV, particularly anything involving comic book superheroes!  I also enjoy being crafty when I have some extra time, including papercrafts, sewing, and crochet.

What’s your favorite movie of all time? I would love to pick something intellectual, but I have to go with Guardians of the Galaxy!  I love the jokes, the action, and mostly Groot.

If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be? I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it!

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings? Buy a brownstone in Brooklyn and sell handcrafted items at a farmer’s market.

What is something interesting about you that your students would be surprised to know? I’ve been to 48 states. I was legally blind until I turned 18 and had corrective surgery.

What advice do you have for students taking online classes for the first time? Do not be afraid to ask for help!  The professor is there to help, but in an online class the professor can’t see if the students looked confused, so we need you let us know when you need extra guidance.

You teach in the BS in Organizational Leadership program. Why do you think this program is a smart choice for students? This program and the various concentrations do an excellent job of preparing students for so many careers and other opportunities. Students learn about so many different aspects of working in a variety of organizations, including healthcare and in a variety of offices, and develop skills that will help them lead in any situation.