How to Make Our eCore Breakfast Bouquet

This is an easy and delicious project. You'll need an eCore or other very cool mug, 16-20 donut holes, styrofoam, lollipop sticks, a few green and brown candy melts, and chocolate coffee stirrers or similar. We whipped this one up in about 15 minutes. You could make a really stunning one in about 30 minutes.

1. Cut a piece of styrofoam to fit your cup.

2. Put some chocolate-covered coffee beans (or other chocolate) on top of the styrofoam.

3. Melt some green and brown candy discs in a microwave oven.

4. Pipe the melted candy on top of some of the donut holes.

5. Put lollipop sticks into the donut holes, and arrange them in the styrofoam. You may want to cut some of the sticks into shorter lengths.

6. Tie a big green bow around the arrangement. You can also add some chocolate stirring sticks (may need to use toothpicks to connect them).