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I began a web - based search to explore where a student majoring in Organizational Leadership major might go post graduation. What kind of jobs are out there? How is field perceived?  What kind of salary should I expect?  Well, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this degree holds some substantial creditability within the job sector and allows for candidates to have a great variety of job options when schooling is complete. The curriculum seems to cover everything from practical skills in organizational finance to leadership theory.  Organizational leadership gives students skills and knowledge necessary to serve in a multitude of leadership or management roles.

What is this degree?
Organizational management involves the strategic leading, organizing, planning and team supervising of companies, firms, businesses and organizations in many job industries. Management can involve leading an entire organization or supervising specific departments, such as human resources, information technology, finance and marketing.

What skills are necessary to become successful?
To become an effective organizational manager, you'll need to develop excellent interpersonal skills, understand human behavior and know how to develop credibility with colleagues and employees.
Also, one has to be be a critical thinker with ability to make decisions and develop strategies. Many companies will seek advice and guidance on how to improve their bottom line and streamline their operations; lucrative job skills for organizational leadership candidates.  On the job, professionals must confront problems or issues, develop and meet business goals, and ultimately  build a company culture that is high-performing. 

What's the pay & job outlook?
Justin Davis outlined in his "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, general and operations managers earn an average of between $63,000 and $137,000 annually, while upper level executives earn significantly more. CEOs and top level management at major corporations can earn salaries of well over $1 million each year. Of course, how much you earn depends largely on your organization and industry."

Depending on the degree level you pursue, you can find management positions for small companies, large corporations, government agencies and schools. Organizational management professionals wishing to pursue the education sector can work for a school's development office, registrar's office, school administrative unit or charter school association. With a bachelor's degree in organizational management, you could become an entry-level manager for business departments, such as human resources, operations, marketing and information technology.  Other examples of management positions include:  community services manager, health services manager, information technology manager, general manager or management consultant.

If you have already selected this as a career path I foresee a beautiful future. 

by Karen Lingrell, Assistant Director of Collaborative Programs and Career Genius


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