Meet Ally, Busy High School Student Getting a Jump Start on an Environmental Science Degree

Alexandra, 16

University of West Georgia
Chapel Hill High School

Alexandra is a student at Chapel Hill High School and is currently attending college online as a dual enrolled student with the University of West Georgia. 

Why is completing your degree important to you? 
I plan to transfer my credits to UGA in order to pursue a degree in environmental sciences (most likely). This is important to me because I will not have the skills or qualifications to pursue a career in environmental work if I do not complete an accredited degree program. 

Why did you choose to take online classes? 
I chose to do online classes with eCore because I was not satisfied with the options available at my school, and due to my class schedule, extracurricular activities, and distance from my home institution, an on campus class would have been inconvenient for me

How would you describe the instructors you’ve had in your eCore class?
The online teachers are, in one word, distant; but they are available to help when needed. It is definitely not like the classroom experience where the teacher is always right there instructing you directly. 

What has been the best thing about taking online classes?
The best thing about taking online classes is definitely flexibility. I can choose how to spend my time. If I need to work on one unit more than another, I can take more time on that one. I can also prioritize my time with my schedule, so if I need more time for other classes, I can take that time as well. 

When you’re not working on your eCore class, what else are you doing?
I still have other classes at my high school, so when I'm not working on my online course work, I am either at school, doing extracurriculars such as marching band or musical, working on homework for my high school classes, and the rest is free time spent with friends and family. 

How and when do you make time to focus on your eCore class?
I took two out of eight class periods out of my school schedule to work on my online courses. Therefore, I wake up in the morning and work on my eCore coursework, then go into school at 10. 

What would you say to someone who is considering taking their first online class through eCore or eMajor?

If you procrastinate, don't do it. If you have poor planning skills, don't do it. If you are awfully forgetful, don't do it. In these classes, no one is there to push you or give you a warning. You are completely on your own when it comes to getting things done, and that means you have to be responsible for yourself. The teachers and tutors are there to help you when needed, but they aren't supposed to be baby sitters. You have to have maturity and discipline in order to be successful in these classes. To those who have their heart set on taking eCore classes, to you I say good luck and remember to take your own notes. It really helps.